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Post-Mastectomy Clothes

Fashionable post mastectomy apparel in Woodland Hills

At Intimate Image in Woodland Hills, we understand the importance of looking and feeling beautiful and comfortable with your self. We provide a serene and private place for cancer patients to receive expert and personalized help with the purchase of lingerie, breast forms, compression hosiery, wigs, hats and more. We are stocked with a large variety of post-mastectomy clothing that is perfect after your surgery. Our tops, t-shirts, dresses, nightgowns, leisure and active wear are soft and offer pocketed support where you need it. We carry several Amoena home and leisure wear items that will quickly become one of the most comfortable and versatile items in your closet. Our soft and loose fitting pieces come with a hidden bra that offers the right amount of support. These can also be worn with a bra or enhancer of your own.


Our goal at Intimate Image is to offer our customers the most natural looking items to make them feel more like themselves again. In order to keep you motivated and on track with your daily activities, we also carry active wear. Our selection was carefully curated to make you feel and look great. When you use our active wear from Amoena and Anita Care you will feel your best while moving freely. The selection of tops we have offer a built-in shelf bra with pockets for a full or partial breast form, symmetry shape or enhancer. The cottony-soft Supplex fabric is used for selected items. Our active wear will not only look and feel great, it will also dry faster than cotton. Our main goal is to give you the comfort you deserve, especially during those intense workouts!